Flight school 'de Kempen'

Who does not dream of flying a plane? Flying by yourself is an experience that is difficult to describe. Flying by yourself is a unique experience! An introduction lesson is therefore the best opportunity to meet all the fascinating aspects of self-propelled airplanes. An introduction lesson is non-binding. You are definitely a great experience richer!


Kempen Aircraft Maintenance is part of the Kempen Airport Group, providing you with the full management and maintenance of your aircraft.


On 26 July 1970 Kempen Airport has been opened with the name "Airportterrain Budel". Founder and owner of the airfield is Mr. W.M.Fransen. The airfield is commissioned by the traffic minister as a public international airfield terrain.Soon after opening, flying school De Kempen has been established. This school gives training for obtaining a LAPL/PPL and Microlight (MLA) license, as well as type ratings for TBM and PC12. In the first years after opening of the airfield, business and industry were still a little restrained concerning the activities on Kempen Airport, but as the economy did improve, ever more industrial branches were interested in business flight.By this increase in demand of the Kempen Airport activities, investments in the infrastructure of the airfield were necessary.Therefore in 1991 a hardened  runway, length 930 meter,was constructed. Nowadays Kempen Airport has a runway with a length of 1199 meters and a width of 23 meters. Also approachlighting and PAPI have been constructed.

Today Kempen Airport processes annualy more than 80.000 flight movements.

These flights consist of:

  • Training flights.
  • Business flights.
  • Inspection flights for various authorities and companies.
  • Medical and police flights.
  • Photo and cartography missions.
  • Private flights.

Our FISO traffic management operates under the flag of Air Traffic Management Netherlands.

Business Aviation

Fly directly from Kempen Airport to your destination in Europe at the time you want. This is possible if you use a charter or your own aircraft. These modern turboprop or jet planes can fly to many small airports in Europe where no scheduled services go. This means that you often get closer to your final destination.

With a business trip, it is possible to visit multiple destinations in Europe within one day for meetings, for example, and just back home in the evening. Of course, this saves time and nights, and with your own business trip, you won't be waiting for airport waiting times, long-term checks, parking problems and traffic jams.

At Kempen Airport, more than 4000 international business flights are handled each year. These flights are conducted by specialized air taxi and charter companies, but also by business aircraft of companies for whom it is more interesting to operate a company-owned airplane.

What is the benefit of a proprietary business plane?

  • Decide what departure time to which destination will be flown.
  • Choose a destination airport as close to your appointment as possible.
  • Check-in times do not exist.
  • Time gain in all areas.
  • Without interference from other passengers, work can be done on board.
  • Free car parking at Kempen Airport.
  • Possibility of operating/co-sharing an airplane with different companies to reduce costs.
  • An efficient and comfortable transport solution.

Some examples of travel times from Kempen Airport:

  • London:  one hour   
  • Berlin:    one hour
  • Zurich:    one hour ten minutes
  • Prague:   one hour ten minutes  
  • Milan:     one hour thirty minutes
  • Edinburgh: two hours
  • Barcelona: two hours ten minutes
  • Stockholm:  two hours fifteen minutes