Acquaintance Flights

Flight School the Kempen offers the possibility of making an acquaintance/introduction flight on every day of the year. A flight above your house, a flight as a present and even shooting photos and films belong to the possibilities.

Acquaintance/Introduction flights are flown 7 days per week. Every passenger has a window seat, so the view is amazing for every passenger. During the flight you have plenty opportunities to explore the Brabant- and Limburgian landscape. The pilot is right at your side to answer all your questions The costs for a 20 minutes acquaintance/introduction flight is Euro 142.-. Per flight a maximum of 3 passengers is possible. Longer flights are also possible, for example over Eindhoven or over Roermond and Thorn on the Maas with her extended water sport area. Cost amount to an extra Euro 35,50 per 5 minutes. For more information, please contact us on Kempen Airport.

(All prices under reservation).

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Self flying a Motorplane

At Kempen Airport the training for "pilot motorflying" is done with Cessna airplanes. A design for two persons, C150 and a design for four persons, C172.

We offer you the possibility to take a flightlesson in a C172. You fly yourself, under supervision of an instructor and eventually two passengers can join you.

  • Cost for 20 minutes self flying is Euro 142,-.
  • Self flying can be done 7 days a week.
  • Please call 5 days in advance to make a reservation.

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Self flying an Ultra Light plane

A microlight (MLA) is a plane with a maximum weight of 450 kg.

At Kempen Airport the training for "MLA-pilot" is flown (among other things) with "Deltawings". With this type of plane you have also the possibility to perform an introduction lesson. The deltawing has room for two persons. The plane is powered by an engine with propellor. Flying with an MLA, the dream of flying like a bird, becomes reality. During the flight, sitting in open air with the airstream in your face,you are gliding like a bird and you fly the airplane yourself. A fascinating experience !!

  • The minimum age is 16 years.
  • A 20 minute trial lesson costs Euro 114,-.
  • Introduction lessons are done by prior appointment and can be flown on Saterday and Sunday.
  • Please contact us for reservations about one week in advance.

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Flight Instruction Day

All year round Flight School de Kempen, on request of businesses, organizes arrangements, by which it is possible to take control of the aircraft under supervision and to experience starting, flying and landing a plane.

Preceding the flights a flight syllabus is issued and a briefing given.  A lunch can be served at the airport restaurant for you and your guests. We will conclude this with a guided tour of the airfield and a "first flying lesson" - certificate will be issued.

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Group- and business arrangements

Do you as a business or as a group have something to celebrate and you would like to do something different, than a flight arrangement is a pleasant challenge!

Flight instruction days
(minimal 18, maximal 27 persons, three at a time)

Program example:

  • 10 o'clock reception with coffee and cake.
  • Issuing flight instruction syllabus.
  • Briefing about controlling the aircraft.
  • Elaborate lunch.
  • 3 times 20 minutes flights, one of which you take the controls yourself.
  • A guided tour around the airport along different types of planes.
  • Issuing "Certificate first flying lesson".
  • Around 16.30 end of program.

Please contact us for a tailor-made offer and program.

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