Turboprop Aircraft (TBM)

Turboprop Aircraft (TBM)

The Kempen Airport Group represents the DAHER SOCATA airplanes in the Benelux.

We have over 20 years experience with the TMB700, TMB850, TBM900, TBM910 and TBM930.
Several customers use our expertise and employ this very efficient business airplane for many years.

The maintenance company  Kempen Airport Maintenance B.V. provides for all inspections, including the certificate of the "Certificate of Airworthiness" inspection.

Aviation business De Kempen b.v. is a Flight training Organisation for the TBM turboprop and can train and accompany your crew in your desired flight operation.

TBM900/930 is the fastest single-engine turboprop on the market.

Maximum cruising speed:  330 kts
Maximum cruising height:  31000 ft
Range:  1730 nm
Cabine plan:  1 pilot and 5 passengers.

Short start and landing runways. RVSM approved.

Call us for an appointment: + 31 495 697949