Introduction lessons

Introduction lessons

Introduction lessons motor flight

Who is not dreaming of flying a plane by themselves? Flying by yourself is an experience difficult to describe, you have to experience, feel it! An introduction lesson gives you an amazing opportunity to experience yourself all fascinating aspects of flying. An introduction lesson is non-binding. For sure you will have an immense experience. An instructor will guide you during the introduction lesson in a motorplane (Cessna 172), you can invite two passengers as well to join you!

The instructor will let you take the controls of the airplane by yourself as much as possible. The price of a 20 minute trial lesson is Euro 142.-

Introduction lessons Micro Light

Under supervision of an instructor you can make a trial lesson. During the flight, sitting in open air, with the air stream in your face, you hover as a bird and you can fly the plane yourself. A fascinating experience! The cost of a 20 minute trial lesson is Euro 114,-

(all prices under provision).