Luchthaven informatie

Luchthaven informatie

Apt of Entry

114' EHBD

03/21 3934' asph / conc. tora 03 3491' tora 21 3770'. lda 21 3491' toda 03 3688'.

RWY 03 Right-Hand Circuit

sr-ss 1 hr pnr. Customs: Importation and exportation of merchandise, exc travellers lugage, allowed within the EU countries.

F-3 JET A-1. Fire cat 3

Budel Radio 122.15 MHz.



Wednesday to Sunday: 0800-1900 utc winter time and 0700-1800 utc summer time

Monday and Tuesday: 0800-1700 utc winter time and 0700-1600 utc summer time

All flights on 1hr PPR by telephone AD authority +31(0) 495 697949

Outside normal opening hours extra charge.



Only outside daylight periode between 0600-2200 utc winter time and 0500-2100 utc summer time.            

IFR flights after End of Daylight apply permission before 1300 utc of the same day.

IFR flights before Beginning of Daylight apply permission before 1500 utc of previous day.


Airport Authorities accept business and medical flights only.

All flights PPR and extra charge.