Business Aviation

Business Aviation

Every day business flights are made from Kempen Airport.

These flights cover entire Europe and are carried out with modern single and 2-engine airplanes. The great advantage of modern business airplanes and turboprops is that landing is possible close to the place of destination. In this way the total travel time is cut down drastically. You don't need to take into account long waiting times on airports and have no trouble anymore of considerable delay.

In short: waiting is a thing of the past. The airplane waits for you, not the other way round

Kempen Airport provides the following turn-key projects:

  • Training as pilot of your own business airplane.
  • Analysis of international transportation problems.
  • Advice (industrial economical and flight technical) to businesses with international transportation problems or for whom having an own business airplane is an interesting proposition.

Namely the single engine propulsion turbines have a great popularity like the Socata TBM700, TBM850, TBM900, TBM930, Pilatus PC12, Pilatus PC12 NG and Beechcraft KingAir 90, they excel in:

  • Speed up to 330 knots, about 600 km./hour
  • Handling: large airports permit these planes.
  • Smaller airports are also no problem, because shorter runways are possible.
  • Comfort: at 10 kilometers high flying above the weather discussing with your relations over a cup of coffee in a quiet pressure cabin.
  • Costs: low maintenance, fuel and landings costs.
  • Capacity: from 4 to 8 spacious passenger seats and of course the luggage.

All factors that influence the operation of a plane as business tool are supported: training, flightplanning, catering, maintenance and flight execution.

For this a team of specialists stands by for you.

Interested, contact us!