Turboprop Aircraft (PC-12)

Turboprop Aircraft (PC-12)

The Kempen Airport group has a long-standing relationship with Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. and is happy to get you in touch with the responsible Pilatus Sales personnel.
We have more than 15 years of experience with the Pilatus PC-12 (NG).
Several customers use our expertise and employ for years this very efficient business plane.

As a Pilatus Satellite Service Center, Kempen Aircraft Maintenance is able to support you with entering the PC-12 (NG) into service and providing all necessary maintenance services.
Aviation business De Kempen b.v. is a Flight Training Organization for the PC-12 (NG) turboprop and can train and accompany your crew in your desired flight operation.

Pilatus PC-12 (NG):

Maximum cruising speed:  280 kts
Maximum cruising height: 30000 ft
Range:    1750 nm
Cabin plan: 6 or 8 sumptuous chairs

Short start and landing runway, even grass runways are possible.

Call us for an appointment: + 31 495 697949.