MLA means Micro Light Aircraft ; some decades ago one got the idea to outfit a hang glider with a small engine. The MLA is built as a pipe frame, the wings are covered with a kind of synthetic draclon. An MLA is a plane with a maximum weight of 490 kg.

The delta wing has seats for maximal two persons. .The plane is driven by an engine with propeller. The MLA is an ideal solution for anybody who, also with a smaller budget, wants to enjoy aviation. Flight school De Kempen operates at Kempen Airport and has broad experience in the training MLA-pilots. You are trained as MLA-pilot ‘Recreational' giving you the competence to make flights, eventual with a passenger (non commercial) in Dutch airspace
(Recreational Pilot License or RPL).

To start the pilot training, there are no restrictions concerning age. To be permitted flying Solo you have to be at least 16 years and at least 17 years to apply for the practical examination. There is also no upper age limit , however you have to have a medical approval if you want to fly Solo or apply for your practical exam.

It is possible to undergo the aviation medical examination at several locations in The Netherlands, by EASA allowed Institutes. The validity of the medical statement is age-depending. The cost of this examination is about Euro 300.-.

Once a week, on a Thursday night, theory lessons are given from 19.30 to 22.30 hours. This course lasts about 8 months and the following subjects are instructed:

  • Aviation regulations
  • Operational procedures
  • General knowledge of aircraft
  • The principles of aviation
  • Execution and planning of the flight
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Human performance and limitations
  • Radiotelephone VFR (Visual Flight Rules)

You may start the theoretical training, also the practical, as and when you like it. You can apply per subject for the theoretical examination at the Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR) under supervision of the ministry of transport, Division Aviation. This can be done 5 times per year in various places in The Netherlands. The theoretical subjects have to be all succesful within 18 months.

The practical training RPL MLA has to be finished with an examination at least 36 months after succeeding the theoritical exams. The books concerning the practical part are Euro 22.50.

During the MLA practice training a fixed program is completed. You can decide by yourself the frequency of your lessons. The lessons last mostly 30 minutes. The amount, that you pay for a lesson, is including the instructor and the landing tax. The lessons are flown with the AirCreation GTE-503. Before you start flying,you will get briefed about the  training elements during the lessons. After minimal 30 hours flying you are ready for the practical exam. The practical exam has to be taken within 24 months after succeeding the theory.